Dr Helen Zongas welcomes you to Dentessence Dental Practice, Sydney.

Established in 1998 by Helen Zongas and Stuart Shaw, we provide quality dental care in our convenient, easily accessible Sydney CBD location. We have been an amalgam-free practice from the very beginning.

Our philosophy is to provide you with a dental experience that is personal, professional and enjoyable.

We approach our work holistically. We listen to you. We carefully assess your dental needs and aspirations, and apply our knowledge, experience and technology to achieve the optimum balance of form, function and health.

We want you to feel good and to look good. We know that your teeth and your smile are important. Functionally they are your lifetime companions. They are necessary to assist in such mechanical matters as chewing, and in clarity of speech. In addition, we understand that your smile is an important gateway with which you engage and interact with the world.

We invite you to contact us. Let us assist you, and your loved ones, in achieving and maintaining the best in dental health.