Our Services

Our vision is to provide our valued clients with a dental experience that is personal, professional and enjoyable. We greatly appreciate that so many of our patients have been with us since the very beginning. We respect their loyalty. It inspires us to keep learning, and to constantly integrate the very latest in dental methodology and technology.

When you walk into our rooms you will appreciate the sense of space integrated within our interior design. We are cognisant of all elements. We refine our water via a 3 Step filtration process. We purify our air via HEPA filters installed within our Dental Practice and with individual air filter ionizers in our Reception and Dental Rooms. In regard to the element of earth, our procedures have been scrutinized to ensure the bio burden is minimized. The beautiful orchids within our Practice are real. They provide a natural aesthetic, which we all find relaxing and uplifting.

We offer a full range of contemporary quality dental care. We use Professor Ray Bertolotti’s (USA) most advanced techniques of direct composite resins, ceramic crowns, onlays and all bonding technologies. These provide durability, minimum tooth cutting and premium aesthetics. Invisalign, orthodontic plates and braces are all offered with the intention of achieving balance and symmetry in the smile line, as well as assisting harmony with the neuro-musculoskeletal system.

We are constantly updating our technological infrastructure. Paperless Systems and touch screens are in use throughout all Rooms.

To enhance our diagnostic capacity and reduce radiation, we use SIRONA’s German digital X-ray technology and state-of-the-art LEICA microscope for all dental procedures. Dentessence also utilises the Swiss AIRFLOW teeth cleaning system, which is available for adults and children.

To ensure the efficacy of your dental treatment, we undertake very important Behind the Scenes work that remains strictly compliant with our vision of providing you a dental experience that is of the highest quality. When sourcing the assembly of your crown, bridge or plate, we only liaise with the most respected local specialists in their fields. We do not use budget implant componentry. All implant componentry, such as our Nobel Biocare implants are authentic products, and come with their own authenticity certificate. This practice ensures you always receive the best available materials and the best possible treatment outcome.